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Europartners Consultants are a team of professional, multilingual executives located throughout Europe. We offer you a range of electronics industry marketing services, analyses and conferences backed up by personal consulting for customised projects.

Between us we have several hundred man-years of successful, hands-on management experience gained primarily in the electronics and electronic components industries.

Our commitment is to provide electronics companies engaged in manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution with the professional consulting services and active operational support needed to meet the challenges of marketing within the evolving markets in Europe.

Our major emphases are on market and industry research, supply chain relationships, strategic business plans, partnership sourcing, marketing and sales. The team has been operating successfully since 1989, and now covers all the countries of Western Europe as well as having a foothold in Russia and several other developing markets.

Join us

Europartners Consultants recruits largely from a body of experienced senior managers.

Our workload continues to expand, and there are always openings for active Partners.

We are always interested in talking to people who would be interested to join us, and adding new skills to our core activities and replacing the skills of those who eventually wish to leave the industry.

If you are interested in having an exploratory conversation, contact Aubrey Dunford without commitment.

Our Partners are based across the world, but mainly in Europe.

Bo AbrahamssonBo Abrahamsson, Sweden. represents Europartners in the Nordic region and is compiler for Electronic Component Distributors Report in Sweden, Norway and Denmark since 2005. Situated in Stockholm he covers the Nordic region.

Phone: +46 8 96 80 10 or
Jean Claude ChastanetJean Claude Chastanet, France, has been involved in the French electronics industry for two decades. He was sales manager or director for Tekelec in both national and European roles before setting up his own company Attitude Electronics. In 2006 he launched a new repping company Avantage Technologies covering France Spain and Portugal. He was Président of SPDEI from 2001 to 2005, having been a member since 1996, and Vice Président of FIEN, (filière des industries électroniques et numériques), with 8 syndicates of French electronics organisations, SPDEI (distribution), GIXEL (passives) , SITELESC (semi cond.), SIMTEC (test&measurement), GFIE (toolings), SNESE (cms), SYCABEL (cabling), ALLIANCE TICS, linked to MEDEF. SPDEI is a member of IDEA (International distribution of electronics association) and a partner of : ASSODEL (Italy), ADEC (South Africa), AFDEC ( UK), AIDICEM(Spain), ACAANZ (Australia-New Zealand), IM (Sweden), JEPIA (Japan), ARDEC (Russia), and FBDI (Germany). He has been the Europartners Consultants partner for France since 2006. address : 24 rue de soissons , 33000 BORDEAUX , FRANCE phone : +33 (0)5 56 24 58 77 Mobile : +33(0) 6 10 33 00 34 e-mail:

Aubrey DunfordAubrey Dunford, UK, is our change specialist: his major area of interest lies in helping companies face up to essential change, particularly in managing the interface between sales/marketing and manufacturing. He also runs DEO Consulting Ltd. as a UK management consultancy which gives him exposure to industries outside the electronics industry. Aubrey worked with Philips Semiconductors and Philips Components for over 20 years, recently as the European Marketing Director for the materials division. He lives north of London in the Buckinghamshire countryside. If the prospect of implementing changes with difficult consequences is uninviting but necessary, talk to Aubrey about how best to approach the task.
tel: +44 (0)1494 563503 fax: +44 (0)1494 563503

Peter Fenwick, UK, brings extensive experience from the European Distribution Passive and Interconnect markets to his Europartners activities. He has been involved in Engineering, Production, Marketing and Sales of Electronic Components for over 35 years, has worked in the USA and travelled extensively in Asia. For the last 12 years he was European Distribution Director for AVX Corporation and prior to that managed their UK & Ireland sales activity. Peter is particularly sales focused and looks to provide programmes to increase sales in specific areas. This may be with existing or new products or lines. If you need help in increasing sales, finding new sales channels for your products, or interim management support, contact Peter. Tel:+44(0)1803 782723 Mobile: +44 7515 703346 e-mail:
Ingo GuertlerIngo Guertler, Europartners Germany, with an educational background in Electronic Engineering, has long-term experience in the electronic component industry with Manufactures and Distributors. He held several positions as Sales and Marketing Manager for General Instrument Power Semiconductor Division and General Instrument Optoelecronics Division. As Managing Director of QT Optoelectronics Germany, Ingo was responsible for Sales and Marketing in Central Europe and the Distribution network. For Vishay, he worked as an Global Strategic Account Manager, covering Siemens worldwide. Before joining Europartners in 2005, he was director at Mycon Technologies, a software firm. Ingo is specialised in Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Marketing.

George KellGeorge Kell, Russia, acts as Business Development Director of Electronics World Company - a regional distributor of electronic components. Starting in late 70th as electronics engineer in Samara Polytechnic Institute, George got a valuable experience of cooperation with electronic components manufacturers all over Soviet Union. In the beginning of 90th (during the collapse of USSR) he was engaged in promotion of western electronic components and construction of electronic components market at Russia, mainly in the region of Middle Volga (1000 km to the East from Moscow). In a few years the mostly popular among Russian electronic engineers  site was launched and is supported now days. From 2003 George is responsible for compiling Russia chapter of Europartners Report. In 2007 site was launched to support Europartners activity at Russia and CIS. If you are interested in Russia electronics and are looking for partners, contact George: P.O.Box 680, Samara, 443100 RUSSIA, Tel: +7 846 2673140 Mob: +7 846 2740263 e-mail:

Don Lupfer, USA has 40 years of sales management experience working with channels of distribution for electronic component and instrument manufacturers as well as publishers of soft skills training materials. As the Partner in the USA, Don brings you his background at GTE, Motorola Semiconductor, Cramer (Arrow) Electronics & TRW/ECG where he was North American Director of Distribution for all 14 electronic components divisions.  Lupfer & Associates was founded in 1988 and since then has worked on over 200 different consulting projects in both Hi/Lo tech industries solving sales, marketing, and channel training issues. Other industries served include airlines, banks, biotech, insurance & food service. Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller companies from Europe and Asia. Don holds a BS in Business Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University and has done post graduate work at Boston College & Harvard University. He is editor of his own electronic distribution newsletter and author of regular articles published in the trade press in the USA. Don offers a wide range of training materials with application to all sales and marketing functions. If you are based in the USA and want to know about the electronics business in Europe, Don is your entry point to the whole Europartners network.
Lupfer and Associates 92 Glen Street SOUTH NATICK MA 01760 USA Tel +1 - 508 - 655 3950 Fax +1 - 508 - 655 7826 e-mail :
Heinz Pape, Germany, is an Electronic Engineer with long experience in electronic component distribution. He held positions as Sales & Marketing Manager for SEI Elbatex, OMNI Ray, Electronic 2000, Dr. Dietzel Group and the Neumüller - Fenner Group. For Sonepar Electronique International in Paris he worked as a consultant with focus on mergers and acquisitions. In the nineties he started his own distribution company and joined Europartners early in 2000. Heinz speaks English, Dutch and French. e-mail:
Pier Sacchi, Italy, is the Italian Partner based in Milan, and he also speaks French and fluent English. As an Electronic Engineer, after a few years spent in the Design Lab of Olivetti, he joined Philips in 1966 for a long career of over 30 years, mainly spent in the Components and Semiconductors area. In Italy he has been for many years the Director of the Components and Semiconductors Division of Philips. Later on, after a few years spent as Managing Director of Fimi monitors operation in Saronno, he took a position (5 years) in the Netherlands as "Sales Director Europe" for Philips Passive Components. Since 1998 through his own company "Concept" he is supplying Consulting and Operational Services to Companies manufacturing or distributing electronic Components, with main focus on the optimisation of Marketing and Sales Organisations on a local, regional or world-wide basis. He is President of the "European Passive Components Industry Association" based in Brussels, which counts among its members the major manufacturers in Europe of Passive Components. Europartners Consultants Italy Via Baldissera 2 / A I-20129 Milano tel : +39 02 2952 5070 fax : +39 02 2952 5070 e-mail: